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Benefits of Personalized Pet Food for Dogs

Your dog is a faithful companion and a member of your family. Instead of worrying about whether your lovable pet is getting the nutrition it needs, try getting it the best dog food in the world at a Dubai pet food store.

Let’s focus on personalized dog food. A formula designed by professionals customized for each dog. The Happy Puppy Pet Shop in Dubai will have a solution for all breeds!

The pet food store: a solution to problems

The main problem that pet owners face is: Can I feed my dog ​​just processed feed to keep it healthy and happy? The answer is yes, but make sure that it’s quality feed that suits your dog’s nutritional needs. Currently, most dog food you find in a supermarket or in specialized pet stores is generic dog food, the same for all dogs.

So why do we give the same food to all dogs if each one is different? It is true that there is variety available for senior, adult, and puppy dog food available. And that there is specific food available for certain breeds. Your dog needs a diet tailored to its nutritional needs. These depend on a series of variables:

  • Race
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Activity level
  • Health condition

Benefits of giving good food to your pet

Good quality food for your dog or cat may sound expensive. However, at Happy Puppy, the pet shop in Dubai, this isn’t always the case. The pet food store can save you money and worries. Here are the benefits of giving good quality food to your pet.

Less quantity per serving

When you feed your pets with good quality food, the portions should be smaller than when feeding them with low-end food. Since the diet contains a good source of protein and high-quality ingredients, it provides excellent nutrition for your pet, without your having to fill their bowls. What happens with low-end foods is that having low-quality ingredients and sources of protein from animal by-products (beaks, feathers, legs, etc.) won’t fill up your pets’ bellies unless you serve large portions of them; your pets won’t be receiving nutrition they need, otherwise. For high-quality pet food, check out a Dubai pet food store.

Fewer vet bills

If you feed your pet high-quality pet food, you can be sure their nutritional needs, their health and well-being, are being taken care of. Good nutrition helps them maintain healthy bones, strong muscles, a shiny coat, and makes them more energetic. It also goes a long way in preventing possible illnesses. In other words, there’ll be fewer visits to the vet – and fewer bills to pay.

Healthy body and coat

High-quality food that contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids will make your pet’s coat shine. These nutrients generate a natural fat layer on the skin that protects your pet from climatic factors and diseases..

In contrast, when dogs or cats are fed low-quality food, their coats look drier, their stool smells worse, and they can catch certain diseases. For top-quality pet food and accessories, visit the pet food store in Dubai – Happy Puppy Pet Grooming.

Healthy breath

Your pet’s healthy breath is directly related to proper digestion of food that does not contain excess fat and low-quality protein. In addition, quality pet food prevents tartar and caries formation. If you are currently giving it food with high-quality ingredients and you notice that your pet has bad breath, we recommend that you take it to a trusted veterinarian, since other causes not related to their diet may be causing the issue.

Good digestion

Foods with high-quality ingredients contribute to a properly functioning digestive system in dogs and cats. Vegetables, fruits and legumes are great sources of fiber, helping prevent constipation, maintain an optimal weight, and stave off certain diseases like colon cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, etc. in your pet.

Why customized pet food

Each dog is different. Even two dogs of the same breed can have very different metabolic rates, coats, energy levels, weight, and tastes. Ordering personalized dog food at Happy Puppy Grooming Boutique, the pet shop in Dubai, is that it’s customized to each dog’s nutritional needs. In this way, your pet receives the balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats it needs. Another great benefit of customized pet food is that it helps lengthen your pet’s lifespan. A health problem that reduces their life expectancy is obesity.

Customizing food and the quantity your pet intakes are vital to ensuring your dog is getting a healthy balanced diet, thus avoiding possible weight issues. Each meal must be perfectly balanced with quality protein, healthy fats, good carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals. Good food is the basis of a healthy life. We invite you to the biggest Dubai pet food store online. 

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Stéphanie says that washing cats is the trickiest part of pet grooming

Stéphanie Logeais of Dubai-based Happy Puppy animal grooming is aiming to bring a dash of French flair to the lives of pets and their owners in the region. She talks about spotting medical problems, bath-shy cats and smelly pooches…

How did you get into this, Stéphanie?

My husband and I are French and when we came to Dubai we brought our cat with us and soon rescued another one. It wasn’t easy finding a recognised grooming service, good pet food — the things that busy pet owners need. I had previously worked in the food industry and liked the idea of moving into pet care, and it struck me that the perfect business opportunity in Dubai was to take care of pets. We bought a pet care company that was on sale, and set about implementing our vision.

And what is that?

We call it FFF: French, Family and Fun. We’re French, our cats are like family; and the fun aspect is about having fun and playing 
with the animals and making sure that the pets are happy.

What is a typical day for you?

I go to the boutique and meet with the team — we have eight staff working either in the store or in our mobile pet grooming van. 
I’m working on a new website at the moment, plus there is admin work. What I like most is seeing a client’s face when they pick up their 
pet and can see that it is clean and has had a really nice cut.

The staff talk the pet through the process: ‘How does this feel?’, ‘Do you like what I’m doing?’, ‘Now I’m going to cut your hair’ and so on. It works

What’s the worst part of pet grooming?

The trickiest part is washing cats. My groomers are good and I actually wondered when we first started if they maybe had some way of sedating them, but they don’t — it’s just a skill they have.

Are you seeing any strange styling trends?

Some people want their pets’ accessories to follow whatever is on-trend for that season. One thing we keep seeing – and it’s one that we don’t follow — is that some pet groomers keep doing the same cuts on certain breeds, but it is not right for that breed. A Rhodesian Ridgeback, for example, will have some curly hairs along the spine, and some people just cut these off – but if you do things like that, you lose these breed specifics. We try to look at the cuts that are being done in the US, which is quite advanced when it comes to this, and find the cuts that best respect the breed.

You say on your website that the team are ‘pet whisperers’ – what does that mean?

A lot of people who have rescued pets are finding that the animals are very timid because they were beaten, and they are very scared of men in particular. When they come to us, the groomers, who are Filipino, speak in Tagalog, and they whisper to them while they are grooming to keep the animals calm. I asked them what they were saying and they said they’re basically just gently talking the pet through the process, ‘How does this feel?’, ‘Do you like what I’m doing?’, ‘Now I’m going to cut your hair’ and so on. And it works.

What was the smelliest dog you came across?

There was a guy who came whose dog was so smelly that it needed three full shampoos and showers to get the smell out. Another thing we see quite a lot is when people bring in their dogs after they’ve been to the beach. They sometimes come in wet with seawater and full of sand and salt and that can be a challenge.

What’s your top tip for getting rid of dog smell?

You just have to keep at it, really. We use a special home-recipe shampoo and the main thing is to keep showering until they are completely clean before we start cutting hair.

Is there a breed of dog you don’t like?

No. Occasionally the owner of the pet can be a problem, but not the pet itself.

Are you ever able to spot medical problems when cleaning a pet?

One of our groomers spotted a tumour under a dog’s skin and told the owner to go to the vet, which he did, but unfortunately it was too late. We also see when dogs are losing too much hair compared to what would be normal, or if the nails are broken – which can indicate a nutritional problem.

When we do a full grooming service we clean the teeth and we clean the ears and we can sometimes see problems, and we also do medical baths to treat eczema and also to get rid of things like fleas and ticks. The record we ever saw was 100 ticks on one dog.

Do owners often try and pull out ticks themselves?

They do, and they often do it wrong. You have to first get the tick in a ‘sleeping’ mode, which is what the medical bath does, and then you have to twist it out, like a screw, and there is a special tool for it. If you do it wrong, you leave the head of the tick in the animal’s body and it can become infected and it can lead to disease.

Finally, what was your funniest day at work?

We had some Pomeranians boarding here and they were dancing dogs – they would suddenly stand up and start to dance, and it was the funniest thing ever. I watch the video I took of them if ever I’m feeling a bit down and it cheers me up straight away.

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How To Choose The Best Dog Pet Food

It can be frustrating to buy dog food online in Dubai that is healthy, good quality, affordable, and appetizing. There is a wide variety of options available in the market, today. Here are tips to help you select pet or dog food that best suits your pet’s nutritional needs. Keep reading!

Choosing the most suitable food for your dog

Each dog is unique, which means that their nutritional needs vary depending on the breed, size, age, and health. Keep these characteristics in mind when choosing the best possible diet for your pet; this is why there are different types of dog or pet food available. For example, if your dog has a food allergy, opt for hypoallergenic food. But, always consult your pet’s vet first, because the information from the veterinary check-ups will help you make an informed decision on what your pet’s food should be like! Below you’ll rea more on factors that will affect what pet food product you buys:

According to race, size, and age

To choose wisely, consider the dog ‘s following characteristics:

  • Race
  • Size (mini or small, medium, large and giant breeds)
  • Age (puppy, junior, adult, senior)

It is common sense that a dachshund won’t need the same food or quantity of food as a Doberman Pinscher. These factors will narrow down your options when you buy dog food online in Dubai.

If necessary choose a functional diet

It should be added that there are certain recipes or reinforced formulas designed to fulfill a function for dogs to improve their health. These dog food products can be divided into the following categories:

  • Allergies (Made for sensitive dogs)
  • Joint reinforcement (With nutrients that protect the joints)
  • Weight control (To keep overweight at bay)
  • Digestive (For dogs with digestive problems)
  • Spayed (Designed for neutered dogs)
  • Hair and skin (To nourish especially hair and skin)
  • Urinal (For dogs with kidney problems)

The following classification can help you select the best option for your dog. The types of dog food available are:

  • Veterinary diets (Designed for dogs with mild health problems)
  • Natural food (No added additives)
  • Hypoallergenic (No allergenic ingredients for sensitive dogs)
  • Without cereals (Recipe without these ingredients: wheat, barley, rye)
  • Gluten-free (Recipe without this protein)
  • Rich in proteins (Formula with a higher percentage of proteins)
  • Without cereals or gluten (Without these ingredients)

Taste matters

Your dog also has something to say when it comes to taste. Pay attention to what it likes, dislikes, and what suits it best. Taste is important, and pets have a right to enjoy the food they eat.  Basically dog food includes the following main ingredients that go towards fulfilling your pet’s protein requirements:

  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Vegetable
  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Veal
  • Turkey
  • Wild pig
  • Duck
  • Ox
  • Deer
  • Meat with vegetables
  • Cheese

Dogs with allergies

Do you know whether your dog has an allergy or intolerance? Signs of an allergy include excessive licking of the paws, scratching, vomiting, or diarrhea; this may be because your dog needs a specific diet. So, make an appointment for your pet with the vet and get input from them.  Don’t forget to read the pet dog food labels before buying the product, and familiarize yourself with the words on them.

Nutritional needs

Dog food usually consists of three nutritional elements: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates; these need to be balanced according to your dog’s nutritional requirements. Now, you’ll also have to check and make sure that the dog food you select contains minerals, fibers, and vitamins.

Another piece of advice is not to pick exotic sources of protein such as rabbit, wild boar, ostrich, etc. It is best to focus on more common proteins like chicken, beef, fish, and even pork. There are two other things that you should check for: the expiration date, and how many additives, colors, and flavors the pet food product contains.

The truth is that with so many options out there, a pet owner may just end up choosing dog food if it’s at the right price, or because they like the packaging of the product. Remind yourself that these two factors are not related to nutrition, and that it’s important to think of other factors when choosing a brand.

Happy Puppy store is where you can buy dog food online in Dubai. We have a wide range of pet dog food brands available for you to choose from. So, buy dog food from our online store today.