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Mobile Grooming

Happy Puppy Grooming Boutique is all about providing convenient and flexible pet care services. We extensively offer mobile grooming services at the comfort of your home and convenience.

We have a network of fully equipped and pet-friendly vans that offer the ease of getting your pet groomed whenever you want to. We utilise eco-friendly and top-of-the-line products to provide you with quality mobile grooming services in Dubai. The products have a gentle cleansing formula that is not harsh on the skin and coat of your pets.

Your pets deserve extra pampering from time to time. Just like humans, pets require extra care and indulging too. That’s why Happy Puppy Grooming Boutique offers flexible mobile grooming services that help smarten up your little ones right in your home or at our facilities.

Our mobile pet care vans arrive at your place to offer all-inclusive grooming sessions. We send groomers who are greatly knowledgeable of various animals, breeds, and their unique grooming needs. The vans are fully equipped and offer the best mobile dog grooming suits that are highly modernised, hygienic, and comfortable.

Our mobile grooming services are divided into two major categories; basic grooming (BG – Shampoo + Blow dry + Brushing + Ear cleaning + Nail clipping + Naval and Anal area shaving + Anal pressing and cleaning) and full grooming (FB – The full grooming packages involve the same services of a basic package along with a stylish haircut or shaving of your choice.).

The packages are designed to meet every pet’s unique needs. We ensure that all of our grooming packages offer all-inclusive pet grooming services. Pet owners can customize the packages according to their unique needs.

Our grooming services offer more than just smartening up the messy look of your little pets. Our grooming services are designed to boost the wellbeing of your animals. Advanced services such as anal gland cleaning and extensive medical baths help them feel good about its body.

The grooming services offered at Happy Puppy Grooming Boutique are bound to leave your pet highly energized and fresh. Give us a call to book a grooming session for your little furry.

Mobile Grooming

  • Small Size Dog
  • Medium Size Dog
  • Large Size Dog
  • Cat
Basic Grooming (BG) 170 190 220 190
Full Grooming (FG) 245 270 305 270
Medical Bath (MB) 225 240 275 240
Medical Bath + (FG) 285 320 355 320
Trimming 200 225 255 225