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Happy Puppy Grooming Boutique


The team at Happy Puppy is here to take care of your fur buddies. From styling them to providing them with the best nutritious dog pet food, Happy Puppy is dedicated to keeping your best friends looking and feeling their best.


Mobile Grooming

Happy Puppy Grooming Boutique is all about providing convenient and flexible pet care services. Alongside providing dog and cat food in Dubai, we extensively offer mobile grooming services at the comfort of your home and convenience.

We have a network of fully equipped and pet-friendly vans that offer the ease of getting your pet groomed whenever and wherever you want to. We utilise eco-friendly and top-of-the-line products to offer quality mobile grooming services. The products have a gentle cleansing formula that is not harsh on the skin and coat of your pets.

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Product Delivery

Buy dog food online in Dubai for your cuddle buddies delivered at your doorstep. Give your pets nutritious treats, delivered at the comfort of your home. We bring you the finest selection of pet food that is rich with nutrients that help improve their vitality. With an assortment of flavours that are a treat for your pets, we strive to give them what they absolutely love.

Affordable for all!

We guarantee the prices minimising the hassle. Shop your pet’s favourite cat food in Dubai and other goodies today, and enjoy the best prices offered.

We understand how much your pets mean to you. They are not just pets, they’re family. We’ll treat your furry friends like a member of our family and offer them a luxury caring experience of love and care. At Happy Puppy Grooming Boutique, we only provide them with superior quality of food, treats and grooming.

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