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How picky are we humans when it comes to choosing food or clothing? In the case of pets, it’s no different. Every treat, every toy that you pick for your pet plays a significant role in their nourishment and lifestyle. Since your furry companions trust you with making these choices for them, it becomes your responsibility to provide them with everything that suits best to their needs and liking.

At Happy Puppy, we offer everything that your little fur friends need under one roof. Not just that, we deliver them at your doorstep. Here you can discover a wide range of products, from the best clumping cat litter and care products to cat and dog food delivery in Dubai.

RC Puppy Mix Feeding Box

Size: 2 Kg ROYAL CANIN® Mini Puppy food is...

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Fast and Convenient Pet Food Delivery

Our online store features a variety of quality brands that produce only the finest and affordable products. All of our dog and cat food online is manufactured in compliance with the highest health and safety standards, delivered right at your home in Dubai.

Our quick and reliable delivery means your fur baby can enjoy the best litter for the cat or a tasty treat as soon as possible. With Happy Puppy’s brand-new fleet of vans, specially equipped for the delivery and transportation of fresh pet foods, we have taken every possible measure to ensure that all the orders are delivered in perfect condition – pun intended.

Our quality of service and customer feedback is of the greatest importance to us, which is one reason why we back our words with prompt action. Whether you have been buying our cat food offerings for a long time, or your friend just recommended Happy Puppy to you, we are here to help.

Looking for cat or dog food online in Dubai? You’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our shop below to find the best items you need.